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Activity Centres and Outward Bound Centres with all of the activities that they do (Sailing, Canoeing, Fell Walking, Pot Holing, Gorge Jumping etc..) the prospect of getting wet is very high. Often returning late in the day with little time to dry out their clothing can be a difficulty, it is essential that a drying room is provided, as a duty of care and comfort to the customers, as the need for dry clothing and footwear is essential, for both comfort and health & safety. 

Drying Room Solutions UK is able to offer a complete setup for drying rooms to help dry uniform and kit out, we are also able to help upgrade existing drying rooms so that they are more economical and can dry quicker. 

All drying rooms require 3 factors, heat, air movement and water removal - Heat is required as more water can be held in a  warmer environment, Air movement lifts the water off clothing and kit quicker than a still drying room and of course water removal is done by dehumidifiers. By removing as much moisture as is possible, as quickly as is possible (without using a huge amount of energy, i.e. keeping it economical to run) is better for the boots, kit and clothing as this ensures no mould will grow. Mould and bacteria require a warm, wet environment so it is essential to dry items as quickly as is possible - using our system has been proven to work incredibly well.

Generally one only needs one of each unit in a small drying room and so the costs can be as little as £1500 for a complete set up including timing switches and mesh guards to go around the heater and air mover.

Storm LGR Extreme 85L
Sentinel HD55 (White)
Sentinel HDi90
Sentinel Remote Controller and Cable.PNG

Generally we have used a Wall or Ceiling mounted unit we have these in the form of the Storm LGR Extreme (yellow) or the Sentinel HD55 and larger HDi90. These units can sit out of the way controlling the humidity whilst drying clothing or equipment, quiet but powerful also with a sensor for control-ability. The sensor should be correctly set so that the system turn off only when the clothes are dry - this ensures dry uniforms without the system being on constantly, if more wet uniform is brought in the humidity goes up and the system turns itself back on.

The HD55 and HDi90 models also have the ability to be controlled remotely for even more control over the environment. These 2 units can also be ducted from allowing the returned drier air to be used for focus drying, this system often works best alongside wire mesh lockers allowing uniforms or clothing to be hung with good air flow around them (see picture of one we specially fabricated alongside Wire Mesh Lockers at Bristol Airport Site).

Storm Pro 70L

We also have a range of upright dehumidifiers, mobile units, like the Storm Pro 70L  (blue) and the Storm Ultra 90L (yellow) pictured. Both are floor standing but easily movable, they come with a built in pump and so don't need emptying. They will turn on and off depending on the set point to control the relative humidity within your location to ensure clothing is dry. The Storm Elite is the largest floor standing unit we have - just in case you have a large drying room, this can remove up to 125L of water in 24 hours. 

Air Movers like the AlorAir Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme are good for general air movement around the drying room and help pick up any residual moisture from clothing and floor surfaces to lift it into the air where the dehumidifiers then remove it. When using the Zeus 900 we are also able to link this to the dehumidifier so it is only on when the dehumidifier is on - tapping into the humidity sensor on the dehumidifier - again making the system very economical.

The larger Zeus Extreme has to be put on a timer switch for control-ability but more air flow lifts water quicker.

Alongside the air movement we also use a 2.8 - 3kw fan heater, this helps get the room warmer allowing for more moisture to be held within the warm air and so more water can be removed by the dehumidifiers. The heater has a thermostat and so will cut in and out to maintain a heated environment - normally we would also put the heater on a timer switch to ensure it doesn't stay on for too long (for economic reasons) but it will assist in the drying of clothing .

Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber

If you have a problem with smells why not look at the Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber this unit helps control the smell of wet uniforms by capturing those odours and eliminating them with a 3 stage filter system including a HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. Speed is adjustable, lightweight (18Kg), robust and easy to use - it also has a pressure sensitive filter change indicator to highlight when the HEPA/Activated Carbon filter needs changing. The unit can also be used in conjunction with a tent to provide a perfect area for clean down after any contamination (different tent sizes are available) - see picture.

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