The use of air movement (fans) within the drying rooms is essential as this assists in the drying of the products inside, being able to control the fan speed, duration and direction is also critical to ensure even distribution of air movement (more critical in some industries than others). We have a range of suggestions to suit your air movement requirements - call us with more information.

115V Zeus Extreme

240V Zeus Extreme

240V Zeus 900

Built In Fans
Fans used for rotational air flow within the drying room - each room will be different depending on size of room, what you are doing, required air flow etc...
115V Zeus-Extreme
115V Zeus Extreme Air Mover
240v Zeus Extreme
Stacking Zeus Extreme 3000cfm Air Movers
Zeus 900 Air Mover - 950cfm
Zeus 900 Air mover
Zeus 900 Air Mover - 950cfm
Zeus 900 for walls - Air Mover
Zeus 900 Stackable
Stacking is Easy with the Zeus 900
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