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Whether it be an Old Classic or a high powered Sports Car or even just your cherished run around if you are wanting to maintain it in the best possible way it is essential to control the humidity within you garage or vehicle storage facility as damp and wetness can lead to rust, corrosion and possible paint issues.

Drying Rooms UK has the solution, our system is designed to speed up the drying of water from the car, (should you be caught out in the rain), as well as maintaining the correct levels of humidity within garages or vehicle storage locations. We can do a full system or part system depending on what you are after and the size of the area, 1 - 4 car garages typical set up is around £1600+VAT.

The ideal scenario is that the vehicles live in a slightly warm environment if possible as this speeds up the evaporation rate where the dehumidifiers can then remove excessive moisture.

One must be careful though especially with the classic cars as these often have leather, canvas and other more perishable items on it - too wet and mould and rot can set in - too dry and it can cause cracking - the perfect balance is ideally required - that is why all the dehumidifier machines we would use have an electronic humidity sensor on them. This sensor turns the machines on and off depending if the humidity is too high to lower it but it will never reduce the humidity enough to cause cracking etc which some desiccants dehumidifiers can do if let on continiously.


Drying Rooms UK can provide upright mobile units like the Storm Pro 70L  (blue) and the Storm Ultra 90L (yellow) pictured. Both are floor standing but easily movable, they come with a built in pump and so don't need emptying. They will turn on and off depending on the set point to control the relative humidity within your location to ensure environment is dry. The Storm Elite is the largest floor standing unit we have - just in case you have a large garage, this can remove up to 125L of water in 24 hours. We would combine these with air movement and also a fan heater on a timer switch as this ensures the correct humidity level is reached whilst also limiting the power requirements making it more economical. 

If floor space is an issue then you are after a Wall or Ceiling mounted setup where the dehumidifier is located up out of the way.  We specify these in the form of the Storm LGR Extreme  85L (yellow) or the Sentinel HD55 60L and larger Sentinel HDi90 90L. These units can sit out of the way controlling the humidity whilst drying the environment the vehicles are in, quiet but powerful, all with built in sensors for control-ability. The HD55 and HDi90 models also have the ability to be controlled remotely for even more control over the environment. These 2 units can also be ducted from allowing the returned drier air to be used for focus drying, possible chassis drying. We have also linked the Zeus 900 air mover to the dehumidifiers so they turn on when the dehumidifier turns on (in higher humidity levels than the set point). See below for the simple installation.

Sentinel HDi90
Storm LGR Extreme 85L
Sentinel HD55 (White)
Sentinel Remote Controller and Cable.PNG

1. Put up Brackets for dehumidifier and drill hole for waste water.

2. Connect Dehumidifier and Fan to dehumidifier, & waste water pipe.

3. Fan able to be pulled out to blow under chassis - focussed drying

4. Connect up Fan Heater to timer switch to increase evaporation.

Garage Drying Systems Brackets
Drying Room Garage System Close up
Garage drying room system pulled out
4 Hour timer switch.jpg

Air Movers like the AlorAir Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme are great for general air movement around the garage and help lift up any residual moisture, from the vehicles and floor surfaces, into the air where the dehumidifiers then remove it. The Zeus 900 we can directly link to the Sentinel Dehumidifiers so that it will switch on when the dehumidifiers do when the humidity rises above the set point. We can alternatively fit these with timer switches to go off after a set time, 1, 2, 4 or 6 hours depending on how wet the car had got. 

For Further assistance in lifting moisture we can also add a 2.8 - 3.0 kw Fan Heater again we would often put this on a timer switch to ensure that the unit was not left on at all times.

Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber

If you have a problem with dust or smells why not look at the Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber. This unit helps control the dust and smells through a 3 stage filter system including a HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. Speed is adjustable, lightweight (18Kg), robust and easy to use - it also has a pressure sensitive filter change indicator to highlight when the HEPA/Activated Carbon filter needs changing. The unit can also be used in conjunction with a tent to provide a perfect area for cleaning with no dust - see picture.

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