Food Industry Drying Rooms
Meat & Food Drying - Charcuterie, Biltong, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables. And use of Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers and Air movers in the food industry
Pet Food Industry
Drying Rooms for Pet Foods Products
Fire & Police Station Drying rooms
Drying Rooms for Fire and Police Stations - full new rooms or upgrading existing ones.
Airport Drying Rooms for Staff
Drying Rooms for Airports for Ground Crew, Baggage Handlers etc..
RNLI & Coast Guard Drying Rooms
Drying Rooms - RNLI, Coast Guard, Rowing or Sailing Clubs
Garages & Vehicle Storage
Drying Rooms for Vehicles in garages / Storage (cars, vans, bike, more..), full or part set up available.
Welfare Unit Drying Room System
Welfare Unit Drying Room - Part or Full System available
Hotels with Drying Rooms/Cupboards
Hotels offering Drying Rooms or Drying Cupboards to their customers for drying clothing / kit.
Outdoor Activity Centres
Drying Rooms for Outdoor Activity Centres / Sailing Clubs / Rowing Clubs etc..
Boots and Gloves - Drying Rooms/Cupboards
Drying Rooms for Football, Rugby & other footwear, Boxing club drying cupboard for gloves etc..
Golf Club Drying Rooms
Drying Rooms for Golf Clubs - to quickly dry clubs and bags after those wet rounds, high velocity warm air movement plus dehumidification for speed drying.
Clean room Humidity Control
Humidity control for Clean Rooms and Pharmaceutical rooms
Wine Cellar - humidity Control Rooms
Humidity control for Wine Cellars and other basement rooms (eg, Cinema Rooms)
Wood Drying Room
Drying Room to remove moisture from wood in the drying process speeding up that aged look.
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