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Did you know that dry dog food loses nutrition as it goes through a cooking/baking process? Whereas other processing methods such as dehydrating retains all of pet food's nutrition. Dehydrating dog food is simply the process of removing all of the water from the food. This allows manufacturers to sell raw dog food brands with a shelf life of about 12 months.

Drying Room Solutions UK can offer a full or part solution  - by this we means that we can do a complete drying room including floor, wall, ceiling, air movement, temperature control, dehumidification and control panels, OR just an upgrade to your existing drying room or location.

Depending on what you are drying (how quickly it can give up moisture), the speed of process required, quantity, operating costs and many other factors can alter what could be the best solution for you and your business or products.

Please do get in touch with us and let us know what you are after or trying to achieve with your products and we will then hope to help you achieve that is the best and most economical way.

Our system and drying rooms are set up such so that you have full control over the drying environment, you are able to alter, temperature, air flow, humidity and time allowing you to get a consistent product to your parameters each and every time.

Depending on what you have already may have set up now will determine on how we can help you, whether it be air movement, air conditioning or dehumidification we can help.

If you are looking to add something to your business without our help that is fine as we have a range of dehumidifiers which can either be floor standing, ceiling hung or wall mounted depending on what you are after, and whether floor space is of a premium, or if we can put in a suspended ceiling on on a wall.

NOTE: All dehumidifiers have digital humidistats to monitor the RH within the Drying Rooms.

The normal range of dehumidifiers which we would put into a drying room where floor space is a premium and we could also put in a suspended ceiling (see picture to the left) would be either the sentinel HD55 unit or the HDi90 as both of these units can be placed up high and be remotely controlled. The HD55 relies on gravity for drainage however the HDi90 has a pump and can pump away the water (these units can also be wall mounted or ceiling hung as well - good for when the ceiling is not high enough - see accessories page for purchase of these).

Storm Pro 70L
Drying Room Foods .
Sentinel HD55 (White)
Sentinel HDi90
Sentinel Remote Controller and Cable.PNG

The Storm range has 5 great units which would be perfect if you are after easy movable units to remove a lot of moisture from the drying room, these are the Storm Pro 70L unit, Storm Ultra 90L unit, Storm Elite 125L unit (floor standing but easily movable - 3 at bottom Blue yellow red) Storm LGR and New Wifi Enabled Storm 850C(yellow ones). All Storm units come with a built in pump and so don't need emptying. They will turn on and off depending on the set point to control the relative humidity within your drying room to ensure the product is neither to damp or too dry. 

Note: Carbon filters can be fitted to dehumidifiers to assist in odour control. 

Storm 850C image.JPG
Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber

We would normally suggest air movement withing this type of drying room to be a fixed variable speed unit to allow for greater control of air movement - we would offer suggestions for this on a case by case scenario.

Other Air Movers like the Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme are good for general air movement around the room in case there are any particular low velocity spots and depending on how full the room gets.

If you have a problem with odours why not look at the Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air Scrubber this unit helps control the smell of wet products by capturing those odours and eliminating them with a 3 stage filter system including a HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. Speed adjustable, lightweight (18Kg), robust and easy to use - could be the perfect solution for your additional odour problems, however not essential as the air should not escape the room.

Please do call us to find out more information.

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