Unique Adjustable Hanging System for the Sentinel HD55 model.

Support bars which link into where the feet go ensuring the unit wont fall off the support brackets. Simple to attach and put up, easily adjustable with chain and carbine hooks.

Includes 2 angle seating plates, 4 x 500mm chain (approx), 8 carbine clips, 4 eyeplates, 4 eyebolts. (plus - screws, nuts and washers accordingly).

Hanging System for Sentinel HD55

£60.00 Regular Price
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  • Product comes with 2 support predrilled aluminium angles 25mm x 25mm, 4 lengths of chain 500mm, 8 carbine hooks, 4 Eyeplates to secure to ceiling, 4 Eyebolts with washers and locking bolts.

    Simply unscrew feet of HD55 unit place the angle up against the underside of the unit so the holes match up - rescrew in the feet securing the 2 bars.

    Next attach the eyebolts and secure using nylon bolts, clip 1 of the carbine hooks to each of the 4 bolts, then one chain to each of the hooks and finally one hook on the end of each chain. Screw the eye plates into the ceiling ensuring of a good fastening able to take the load of 40kg eyeplates to be approx 500mm square .secure 1 hook per eyeplate to hang the HD55 unit. 

    Ensure that the drainage end is hanging slightly lower, that the exit air vent can blow out and that the intake (mesh) in not covered as per the manual.

    Adjusting the unit is simply done by twisting the chain one needs to shorten or by putting the clip one link higher.

    The unit should sit roughly flat for correct installation.

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