Testimonials and Case Studies

Food Industry

New World Foods - Producing Biltong

They have approx 45 of the AlorAir dehumidifiers working almost continuously 6 to 7 days a week in 6 chambers and have been doing this for approx 5 years and are now the largest producers of Biltong in the UK. We have supplied Units which can go above a suspended ceiling which utilise the remote controls, ones on trolleys and free standing units, combining in the fan air movement and air conditioning so you can regulate both air speed and temperature.


Hunters Biltong - Best Biltong - Simply African Foods are all Biltong Producers who have used our system dehumidifiers from us.

Chiltern Charcuterie had an existing Dehumidifier system in their location but it was not performing to their reqirements, we came in and added a simple set up and now they are happy with the results they are getting.

Pet Food Industry

We are currently working with 2 pet food suppliers on new products for the markets and are unable to give out details at this current stage however as soon as we are allowed to we will update this page.

Fire & Police Stations

We have worked with 3 fire brigades so far, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue where we upgraded one location, Dorset and Wiltshire where we have finished 3 and have another 8 to do once lock-down has finished. South Wales Fire & Rescue where we have done 4 and have another 8 to do on the books currently again when the lock-down has been lifted. Pretty much a fullroom set up in each.


We have teamed up with Gear Grid to produce the unit to the left - this was for a drying room at Bristol Airport at their new Office and Staff location.

We would love the opportunity to work with more airports so that they may also get a great drying room at a very good price which is easy to install, set up and monitor.

Please give us a call as we can install into existing locker rooms or new smaller rooms, for that duty of care to the ground staff.

01423 341940

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