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Welfare Units often now have drying room facilities in them to ensure that the site staff have dry clothes and kit each day - this is for their own comfort as well as the company providing that duty of Care for each of their members of staff. The drying rooms we provide for this type of unit is a simple one, we  are able to provide a full solution or to upgrade what is already installed to ensure it works more efficiently.

A full system would consist of Heater, Air Movement and a Dehumidifier, whilst a simpler system may only require the dehumidifier and possibly extra air movement but we are able to suit your requirements.

The Sentinel Range of Dehumidifiers can be wall mounted or ceiling hung to keep them out of the way whilst circulating and dehumidifying the air. The HD55HDi90 units can be remotely controlled via cat 5 cable to a wall mounted panel. In this environment we would suggest that the units are boxed to avoid any damage and altering of the settings, inlet air should not be blocked as this will stop any dehumidification. The higher speed outlet air should not be obstructed either as this will help with the vortex air movement.

Both units have digital humidity sensors on them and when excessive humidity is detected (ie. wet clothing and kit) the unit will switch itself on starting the drying room process.


The inside of these units are often not the best layout and a simple bench system is placed around the outside walls of the container, when this is done it is essential that there is enough air movement in the unit to lift moisture away from the clothes and kit, this damp air should then be returned towards the dehumidifier where water will be removed from it. Creating that vortex air movement is key to the system working at its best.

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Filters and Hanging Systems can be found in the Accessories Section under the SHOP heading.

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For Larger rooms we would suggest a number of units as this would ensure there is no slowdown of the vortex air movement as well as a quicker dehumidification (a unit at either end of the welfare unit). The Vortex air movement can be done easily by either the  Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme, these air movers help lift the moisture from the clothing and kit into the air where the dehumidifier can then remove it. Both units can be linked to the dehumidifiers so that when they turn on it also turns on the fans, this will reduce the power requirement and also any wasted power as once the correct level of humidity is reached (it is dry) the whole system would turn itself into a stand by mode - still monitoring the humidity - but not on. 

Alongside the air movement we also use a 2.8 - 3kw fan heater, this helps get the room warmer allowing for more moisture to be held within the warm air and so more water can be removed by the dehumidifiers. The heater has a thermostat and so will cut in and out to maintain a heated environment - normally we would also put the heater on a timer switch to ensure it doesn't stay on for too long (for economic reasons) but it will assist in the drying of clothing .

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