Wood Drying Rooms

For those people who are selling dried timber for different uses but only have fairly fresh timber the only way to get it dry quickly without cooking it is with a drying room designed to remove moisture from the timber. Only heating the timber to dry it may cause serious twisting and cracking due to the heat difference between the surface and inner - this leads to a lot of waste as you would try to square it up. Drying Room Solutions uses a combination of dehumidification, air movement and heat to help dry wood - let me explain!!

With the 3 factors it dries the wood quicker with a more stable environment, this helps retain more wood compared with oven drying but significantly reduces the time compared to air drying.

If you are wanting some wood which look to have been aged - slightly twisted and cracked, as old wood does - do you want to wait - or do you need it now!!??


All of the Storm range of dehumidifiers come with built in pumps to pump away the dehumidified water, they can all be controlled easily via the main panel and set to the desired relative humidity setting to ensure that the wood is dry.

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Remote controls and Hanging Systems can be found in the Accessories Section under the SHOP heading.


The Sentinel Range of Dehumidifiers can be wall mounted or ceiling hung to keep them out of the way whilst circulating and dehumidifying the air. The HD55HDi90 units can be remotely controlled via cat 5 cable to a wall mounted panel allowing for easy control of the unit and humidity, allowing for monitoring of humidity levels outside the drying room.

Drying Room Solutions use Alorair Dehumidifiers which can be placed in the warming chamber up to 40 degrees C max to remove the moisture from the drying process. It is better to remove moisture during drying than keep the warm wet air and change it out when saturated and then reheat fresh air (as you never know how saturated the replacement air will be!)

Drying the wood out quickly in days instead of over months does have some disadvantages like the twisting and cracking which then needs to be planed straight (not as much as oven drying though) - this adds texture and character.

You can use the Storm Range of dehumidifiers (pictured below) or if floor space is critical the Sentinel range (pictured at the bottom)

Air Movers are used to help lift moisture from the surface of the wood, heaters are there as more moisture is given up at higher temperatures and the air can hold more moisture - to be dehumidified. 

The Zeus 900  is a small unit but could be used and positioned to ensure all corners of the drying room have even air movement for even drying. The Zeus 900 is lightweight and easy to carry, has 4 variable speeds and can be positioned in several ways t- vertical horizontal and at a slant. Easily stack-able when not in use taking up less floor space.

The larger Zeus Extreme can move a huge 3000cfm ensuring that there is plenty of air movement inside the drying room, 2 speed settings are available if the top one is too much!

It is available in both 115V and also 220V models and we do have ducting available if required.

Please get in touch with us and see how we can help to provide you with the best solution to your problems.

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